Cloud is not good for data you want to remain private…cloud it's better for a dream!

This article written by Andrew Froehlich, just fits perfectly to what it’s the common feeling, after Prism.

The question is : who can we trust now?

…because, to start using the “cloud” as a storage system, it’s necessary to have a great faith that human kind is honest and transparent… and ascertaing how things are going on , it’s very hard!

There is one incontrovertible fact: when data leave the confine of the computer’s firewall, is no longer private.

No one can tell exactly where will phisically be stored and if the owner of the server, will take care of them, like you would do.

The very “old fashioned concept” to store what is yours, in your pc, is the best way to protect it, because notwithstanding encrypting systems, passwords, and secure servers…once on a third party server, the data, are no longer only yours.

Let the dream be on the cloud and keep your data in your pc!

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