Cyber wars: virtual attacks for real dameges.

Cyber wars: virtual attacks for real damages.

In this article it’s highlighted, according Britain’s Intelligence and Security Committee, how nations are hiring Cybermercenaries to launch attacks against their enemies.

In a globalized world, where everything it’s connected and available on line, it’s “quite easy” to attack locally: preferred targets are financial institutions and energy companies.

A Cyber war is a new style of attack, avoiding a real war but being able to create huge real damages!

In this scenery, where the enemy remains invisible and hard to find ( but not impossible! ), we see other actions performed in the market to attack private companies: to steal valuable information and secrets to compete unfairly.

This is one of the most effective strategies for those with the means and structures to implement it, and the most dangerous and destructive to the sufferer because what seems to be a world of new opportunities it’s, at the same time, a hell full of traps if you don’t know where to pay attention…

At this stage there is a wonderful great opportunity offered by internet, but, at the same time, seems that all the information transiting on it are easily spied by the same service providers (OTT).

It’s quite hard to distinguish what could be good and what is not… there is only one certainty: the structure itself doesn’t guarantee privacy.

This is a problem that will impact hugely on cloud services and will increase the business of cyber security.

…in the meantime there is a revival : secrets are safer on paper!

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