Internet of Thigs: the next big challenge.

Internet of Thigs: the next big challenge.

In this article there is a sharable point of view regarding Internet of Things : it has a huge potentials, but will be big when it will hit the house market where are many electronic devices and many others, today only mechanical, will be married in the new communication environment.

The challenge is to let the electronic devices be involved in a network where a tangible added value can be sold to potential customers.

Will be the way the information will be supplied, the function of utility, and the consequences in terms of quality life enhancement reached through the new services supplied.

IoT it’s a paradigm useful for advanced concept of home automation.

Home automation itself has a value when it helps the final user to save time, money and to prevent dangers.

So, a new approach where houses are sensitive to natural inputs and based on a logic of smart secured rules, managed by the owner of the house only, preventing a third party to enter in the house privacy, will be a key to finally enter in the house and in a new huge potential market.

It’s impossible to think about a complete environment capable to offer services through IoT to supply home automation, running in “cloud” where you have only one certainty: to be spied!

A useful, safe, and secure platform must run locally and offering an ultra high grade of security.

This is why mobile platform could do this, but…are unsecure!

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