Mobile apps stealing and spying personal data ( San Diego University )

Mobile apps stealing and spying personal data ( San Diego University )

In this article a reasercher of the San Diego University ( Yuvraj Agarwal ) has shown that ” Almost half of the mobile apps running on Apple’s iOS operating system access the unique identifier of the devices where they’re downloaded. ”

Apart from the fact that ALL the mobile apps access to personal data like address book, pictures, logs of phone calls, visited web sites and some more parameters which identify the user very precisely, there is a frightening acceptance by anyone who is bringing this rough reality to the forefront of public attention , without realizing that are violated the fundamental rights of the individual.

The information shared by the resercher it’s a bit partial because doesn’t consider the “approach” of the platform providers who are involved in the data “checks” .

The system itself has been shaped to enter in each user private data , without respecting the privacy right…and this is a problem.

While the big ICT companyies see this, only like an opportunity ( boosting Big Data, cloud, saas ), some very sleepy european institutions woke up!

The future is far from being a “cloud” ICT environment …

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