Privacy and security: it's a game called …PRISM!

In this article we can all ascertain how privacy and security it’s a new kind of game! ….and the players are : Governments and few powerful uncontrolled private ICT companies….while all of us are the pawns on a crazy chessboard.

It’s really very worrying that governments are obliged to ask to private companies to disclose their servers to reach the goal of guaranteeing public security.

It’s like a teacher asking to the student to leran more how to organize the lessons.

I am not worried to be spied by the Government , if this is a anti-terrorism and security issue.

Iam scared by the FACT that private companies have hectars of servers which store all information even the one which are in my right to remain only mine and so, secret!

PRISM it’s a game where private companies are substituting governments and official institutions to control, pilot and manage variables which MUST be free, if we want democracy to be real!

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