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Stati Generali dell’ Industria – 24 Febbraio 2016 – Roma

Roma 31 Marzo 2016 Stati Generali dell’ Industria – 24 Febbraio 2016 – Roma Il 23 e 24 Febbraio 2016 presso il Dipartimento di Economia “Federico Caffè” dell’Università Roma Tre, si sono tenuti 12 Focus Group organizzati dalla Regione Lazio sui seguenti argomenti:   1) Edilizia sostenibile – 23 febbraio, ore 10 2) Scienze della vita e farmaceutico – 23 febbraio, ore 10 3) Economia del mare – 23 febbraio, ore 10 4) Aerospazio e sicurezza – 23 febbraio, ore 14 5) Audiovisivo, industrie creative ed editoria – 23 febbraio, ore 14 6 )Turismo e beni culturali – 23 febbraio, ore 14 7) Automotive – 24 febbraio, ore...

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Privacy and security: it’s a game called …PRISM!

In this article we can all ascertain how privacy and security it’s a new kind of game! ….and the players are : Governments and few powerful uncontrolled private ICT companies….while all of us are the pawns on a crazy chessboard. It’s really very worrying that governments are obliged to ask to private companies to disclose their servers to reach the goal of guaranteeing public security. It’s like a teacher asking to the student to leran more how to organize the lessons. I am not worried to be spied by the Government , if this is a anti-terrorism and security issue. Iam scared by the FACT that private companies have hectars of servers which store all information even the one which are in my right to remain only mine and so,...

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XBox One : not only games but exclusive contents from Hollywood

In this article it’s higlighted what s Microsoft next step, for the XBox One. Ballmer is trying to involve Hollywood to supply contents to offer through the XBox One. Now that the “classic business models” based on pc production and Windows OS are in crisis, Microsoft is differentiating the marketing strategy in the hope of regaining ground against the competitors ( Apple and Google ). One of the next market battlefield is the living room and here Microsoft is a pioneer exploiting Kinect technology for voice and gesture recognition. The XBox One will be an hub to enjoy many contents , which will be offerd by all producer capable to have a strong presence in internet. Exept for the powerfull graphic unit , this device is , more or less a...

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Cloud is not good for data you want to remain private…cloud it’s better for a dream!

This article written by Andrew Froehlich, just fits perfectly to what it’s the common feeling, after Prism. The question is : who can we trust now? …because, to start using the “cloud” as a storage system, it’s necessary to have a great faith that human kind is honest and transparent… and ascertaing how things are going on , it’s very hard! There is one incontrovertible fact: when data leave the confine of the computer’s firewall, is no longer private. No one can tell exactly where will phisically be stored and if the owner of the server, will take care of them, like you would do. The very “old fashioned concept” to store what is yours, in your pc, is the best way to protect it, because...

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